We are sold out... no tickets at the door!

Rooms at Hemkade

Hemkade provides 3 different rooms that we will fill with Drum&Bass and Dubstep! Next to these there is also an outside area where you can go for some fresh air!

There are different times for the different rooms that Hemkade has to offer.
Entry Hall: 21h00 - 06h00
Main Hall: 21h00 - 06h00
Subroom 2 (AREA 48):
22h00 - 05h00
Subroom 3 (RADEK): 23h00 - 05h00

When will i get my ticket?

All purchased tickets will be sent out on October 1st 2023.

how to pay for consumptions ?

During the Rampage Amsterdam weekend you can pay for your consumptions at bars and food stands inside the venue with tokens. These tokens you can buy with cash or card once you enter the venue in the entree hall.


North Sea Venue

Hemkade 48 1506 PS Zaandam


If you come by car, Hemkade has 3 parkings that you can use!
For those of you who have a disability card, you can contact the venue by following email (info@northseavenue.nl) to reserve your spot closer to the entrance.

Using the parking at Hemkade costs you €12.50 (pay by pin only)

For more parking information


There will be lockers available at the venue. We recommend sharing a locker with your friends to save money and space. Rampage cannot be held responsible for any damages or thefts.

Lockers can only be payed by using the QR code.


Visitors will be checked at the entrance. The minimum age is 18 years. IN = IN, OUT = OUT. Make sure to bring your ID, because age will be checked at the entrance. No valid ID = no entry and no refund!


There will be merchandise available during “RAMPAGE”.

Merchandise is also available online. Go to our webshop for more info.

doors & security

Rampage will take place October 20th 2023 from 21:00h till 06:00h. There will be increased security measures and controls by the security staff. Please follow all instructions carefully for your own safety and for a smooth entrance.

We ask you to bring as little unnecessary stuff or bags as possible, but do dress up warmly when cold. IN=IN, OUT=OUT. The entrance will close at 2 AM.

There are different times for the different rooms that Hemkade has to offer.
Entry Hall: 21h00 - 06h00
Main Hall: 21h00 - 06h00
Subroom 2 (AREA 48):
22h00 - 05h00
Subroom 3 (RADEK): 23h00 - 05h00

I lost my ticket

If you bought your ticket ONLINE through the Rampage website.

If you cannot find your ticket(s) anymore or if you have lost the confirmation mail including your ticket(s), you can request your confirmation mail to be sent again via


If you can't attend Rampage Amsterdam after all, but you already have tickets... no problem!
You can sell your ticket at TicketSwap.


Do not hesitate to ask first aid staff for help when needed. Follow the signs ‘EHBO’ or ‘First Aid’ or just address any crew or security member you can find in case of an emergency with yourself or someone nearby who needs help. Please look out for each other!

what can i bring to rampage?

The following items are not allowed: bottles of perfume, aerosol deodorant bottles, selfie sticks, food, drinks, any kind of weapons, drugs, flagpoles, football flags/any signs of racism or hate.

Official Media Team

There will be an official media team at “Rampage”. Our photographers and camera crew will be up and running during the event, so make sure to wear your brightest smile.

The official aftermovie for “RAMPAGE” will be available in a few weeks after the event. The official pictures will be available on our Facebook page and on our website, a few days after the event. Please note: you may have been photographed, but this does not mean that your picture will end up online.

Rampage playlist on Spotify

The best drum&bass and dubstep, weekly updated, in the official Rampage playlist. Rough and tough and all that stuff... the baddest bass tunes from the biggest party on the planet!

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